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[Xcerta TL4000-4U Tape Library.]

Xcerta TL4000-4U Tape Library

Small-Footprint Library for LTO3, LTO4 & LTO5

The Xcerta TL4000-4U Tape Library is easy to install, user friendly and configured for unattended backup by leading archiving applications.

The Xcerta TL4000-4U Tape Library features:

Although TL4000-4U is small enough for a desktop, it requires only 4U of rackspace.


High Data Density / Low Rack Space Consumption
The efficient design allows for storing up to 48 Cartridges and up to 144 TBytes (compressed at 2:1 with LTO-5 drives) in 4 rack units of height of a 19 inch Rack.

Easy to install into existing IT Infrastructures
Integrated Web-Based Remote Management enables the administrator to configure and maintain the Autoloader from a remote workstation and does away with the need for hands-on setup.

Standard Bar Code Reader
The time to initialize the machine is greatly reduced through the use of the standard Bar Code Reader. It simplifies the addition of cartridges into the backup scheme and facilitates keeping track of data.

Magazines and Mailslot
All tapes are kept inside of two magazines that are easily inserted and removed and allow for bulk loading. In addition, a Mail Slot safeguards non-disruptive operation during backup jobs and allows for import or export of media.

Easy to maintain and service
In the event of component failure, the power supply, library controller card, tape drives and robot can be replaced on-site without having to remove the library from the rack. Down-time is greatly minimized by this service-friendly layout.

The 4U's high slot count, small form-factor and flexibility of operations enable it to be deployed in environments that previously demanded larger libraries. Operational parameters like the magazines, 3-slot mail slot, customer replaceable components and hot-swap tape drives are of great benefit to reliable data protection.

Description | Specifications