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[Xcerta 128i: Front view.]

High-Performance, High-Reliability Tape Storage

Xcerta 128i IBM-Compatible 3590 Tape Drive

The Xcerta 128i 3590 Tape Drive was designed for applications requiring high performance, capacity, and reliability.

Blazing Speed

Xcerta 128i 3590 tape drive incorporates leading-edge streaming and start/stop performance. Xcerta 128i triples the uncompacted data transfer rate of the 3490E up to a maximum of 9 MB/sec. The maximum instantaneous data rate is 20 MB/sec on a SCSI interface.

High Capacity

The Xcerta 128i's cartridges hold 10 GB (50 times more than 3480 cartridges). Up to 30 GB can be stored with LZ1 compression.

The Xcerta 128i's cartridge is the same physical size as a 3480 cartridge.

Save Money

High capacity means you need less equipment, fewer cartridges, and fewer tape mounts. High performance means you don't need as many drives to get the job done. Maintenance costs are also lower than those for helical and 3480/3490 drives.


The advanced Xcerta 128i 3590 tape drive gains up to a 100-fold increase in data integrity over the 3480. Xcerta 128i uses a bidirectional serpentine recording technique and a second-generation magnetoresistive head, pumping out 16 data tracks at a time. Improved Error Correction Code (ECC) and servo tracks written on tape help ensure data integrity. Xcerta 128i's diagnostics help you find problems, and tell you how to fix them.


With its optional 10-slot Auto Cartridge Loader (ACL), the Xcerta 128i 3590 Tape Subsystem stores up to 300 gigabytes of randomly accessible data. Each library magazine loads and unloads easily. The Xcerta 128i allows both unattended operation and a display that clearly shows the tape drive's status, error conditions and messages.

Wide Connectivity

The Xcerta 128i attaches to selected systems from HP, Sun, HP/Convex, CRAY, SGI, and Intel-based WinNT systems, as well as to IBM AS/400, RS/6000, and S/390 systems.


The Xcerta 128i does not require scheduled preventive maintenance.


The Xcerta 128i 3590 tape drive is available as a standalone rack model or in automated library solutions. It attaches via a SCSI interface to selected IBM and non-IBM midrange and open systems.

Description | Specifications