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[Xcerta 36 Single Cartridge: Front view.]
[Xcerta 36 Single Cartridge: Rear view.]
[Xcerta 36 with autoloader.]
[Xcerta 18/36 10-Cartridge Autoloader Magazine.]
[Xcerta 18/36 Rackmount Front.]
[Xcerta 18/36 Rackmount Rear.]

Xcerta 36: Read / Write 3480, 3490, 3490e Tapes Easily

Lightning Fast Data Transfer Between PCs, Open Systems, Mainframes

Exchange data on 18 and 36 track tapes at up to 9MB/sec, quietly. That's Xcerta 36 in action.

Futuristic fourth generation design made Xcerta 36 smaller, lighter, quieter and more reliable than other tape drives... while boosting performance.

Xcerta 36 includes an 18 month depot warranty. On-site service is available. (Insider's Note: This drive is a favorite, because it's quick, reliable and quiet!)

3480/3490/3490e Tape Drive Options

The Lockable 10 Tape Autoloader Option boosts storage potential to 24GB while allowing random access to any cartridge.

Xcerta 36 drive can be configured for almost any SCSI system, including Open Systems, PCs, IBM AS/400, IBM RS/6000, etc. Complete Xcerta 3480 / 3490 / 3490e tape drive sub-systems often include software.

Specify table top enclosure or rackmount.


Description | Specifications