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[Xcerta Quad-9 with Desktop Enclosure.]

High Performance, Quad-Density 9-Track Tape Drive

Xcerta Quad-9 ½-inch Open Reel Magnetic Tape Drive

The Xcerta Quad-9 is a high-performance 9-track tape drive that operates at 800, 1600, 3200 and 6250 bpi. The Quad-9 runs at 50 ips true start/stop and at 100 ips in streaming mode at all densities. Microprocessor-driven servos provide fast and reliable push button operation.

Easy to Operate

Using the large LCD display and user-friendly front panel, the operator may select start/stop or streaming, enable or disable cache buffers, adjust transfer rates and more. The Xcerta Quad-9 may be run in both programmable and auto-program modes. Auto-program permits the drive to select the mode of operation permitting the greatest overall throughput.

Available interfaces include the Pertec industry standard, SCSI, HPIB and RS-232.

Description | Specifications